Iconic Next-Gen Toyota Supra To Be Unveiled in 2018

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After Toyota discontinued the iconic Supra in 2002, the next generation Toyota Supra will be unveiled in 2018. Toyota has partnered with BMW and will share parts from the BMW Z5.

Since 2012, Toyota and BMW have been working together on both the models, however, recent reports suggest both have gone their own direction. BMW has been testing the Z5 and Toyota is not far behind.

New Toyota Supra Might Be Unveiled In 2018

BMW Z5 will be a replacement for the Z4 and Toyota will base the Supra on the FT-1 concept car of Detroit 2014 and will sit above the GT86 in the Toyota's line-up. With this news, Toyota will be back in one of the classic sports car name of Supra.

There will be two models which will feature a hybrid four-wheel drive setup and will house a BMW petrol engine and electric motors. BMW will bring in its technology to the building this car and most likely use the carbon fiber seen in i3, i8, and 7-series in its architecture.

Ian Robertson, BMW's board member (sales and marketing), said "The one thing we're clear on now is that a platform for both companies can work," he said. "The cars in themselves don't actually need to be positioned the same. The platform can spawn two positionings.

"The concept works, the platform can deliver and now we have two proud sets of engineers - one group German, one group Japanese - who are each fighting and arguing for the car they want."

In India, the Toyota Supra is still found in the racing circuits and sports car aficionados will be delighted to know if this will make it way to India. With many sports cars being launched in India, the new Toyota Supra might not be far away.

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