Toyota Launches Its Mini Offering For Urban Commuting

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Toyota has launched three mini passenger vehicles in Japan. The new model is named as, Pixis Joy, and comes in three variants, C, F and S, where C stands for crossover, F for fashion and S for Sports.

The joy name is derived from, Toyota's aim to deliver joy to its customers. Pixis will definitely deliver them, with its high fuel economy of 30km/litre and low pricing. It also gets unique styling, colours and other design features.


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The Pixis Joy C gets 15-inch aluminum wheels and exterior exudes, giving it a crossover style. Pixis Joy F features, front and rear bumper moldings and the side rocker moldings.

Whereas Pixis Joy S, leans more towards sporty side with, exclusive aerodynamic parts such as, front and rear bumper. It gets a sporty suspension, paddle shifting, MOMO steering wheel and seven speed gearbox.

Pixis Joy also comes with safety features such as, Smart Assist II and collision avoidance system. All the three variant are powered by 660cc engine, and the S variant gets a turbocharged mill.

The new models are priced in the range of 1,220,400JPY (Approximately Rs 7.91 lakhs) to 1,620,000 JPY (Approximately Rs 10 lakhs).

The cars will be manufactured at Daihatsu Motor Kyushu Co plant in Oita, Nakatsu plant.

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