MUV Warfare; Innova Crysta vs Lodgy vs Ertiga vs Mobilio Comparison

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The Multi Utility Vehicle segment is dominated by Toyota with its Innova, however, this was later challenged by Maruti with Ertiga and later Renault launched the Lodgy and Honda with Mobilio.

However, Toyota has clawed back with the Innova Crysta and took the market by storm. Will the Innova Crysta sustain the dominance? Here is the comparative analysis between Innova Crysta, Ertiga, Lodgy and the Mobilio. Read on to find out which suits you the best.

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The Toyota Innova Crysta has this imposing stance that you will make way for it, the muscular and angular design gives the Innova Crysta a mean look. Inside, the MPV from Toyota, it literally makes you take a back seat. The premium interiors cannot be rivaled, what with the LED illumination gives you the grandness of an amazing passenger vehicle.

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Renault Lodgy takes the Utility Vehicle tag too seriously and it built to carry passenger and looks of the MUV took back seat. The Lodgy is lot more bulky and does not have much of presence as the Innova Crysta does. Inside the Lodgy, considering it as an eight seater, it lacks the space in the third row.

As for the Maruti Ertiga, the MUV is smaller compared the above two vehicles, however, it makes up with a shorter wheelbase and helps in narrow lanes and roads in India. The Ertiga was designed for India by Suzuki and they took all aspects before producing the Ertiga. It is simple on design and has a car stance, however, it can carry seven passengers. The third row is very small and the ingress and egress is a bit of a challenge.

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Honda Mobilio is the good looking car and not as an MUV, it carries the same design as the Brio and Amaze with its sharp front profile and elegant design on the side and on the rear. Inside the Mobilio, it is quite spacious and slightly better than the Ertiga, but not as good as the Innova Crysta or the Lodgy.

Overall Design Rating

Toyota Innova Crysta 8.5/10
Renault Lodgy 7.5/10
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 7.8/10
Honda Mobilio 8/10


Innova Crysta is equipped with dual barrel headlamps with LED, Start-stop button, keyless entry, touch-screen interface, reverse parking camera, seven airbags, ABS with EBD, brake assist, and believe it or not 22 bottle holder and a lot more features.

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The Lodgy, on the other hand, comes with cruise control, anti-pinch power windows, parking reverse camera, touch screen infotainment system, steering mounted audio controls, dual airbags, keyless entry, collision and central motion sensing auto door locks.

As for the Maruti Ertiga, it is featured with Start-stop button, steering mounted audio and calling buttons, a 2nd-row accessory socket for charging your phone, touchscreen infotainment system, reverse parking camera, Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink, dual airbags, and ABS with EBD.

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Honda's Mobilio comes with heat absorbing windshield, touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, keyless entry, steering mounted audio controls, dual airbags, ABS with EBD, reverse parking camera, an accessory socket for charging and a lot more.

Overall Features Rating

Toyota Innova Crysta 8.5/10
Renault Lodgy 8/10
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 7.8/10
Honda Mobilio 7.5/10

Engine Specifications & Gearbox

Specs Toyota Innova Crysta Renault Lodgy Maruti Ertiga Honda Mobilio
Type 2.4-litre Diesel 2.8-litre Diesel 1.5-litre Diesel 1.3-litre SHVS Diesel 1.5-litre Diesel
Power 148 bhp 172 bhp 84 bhp & 108 bhp 89 bhp 100 bhp
Torque 343 Nm 360 Nm 200Nm/245Nm 200Nm 200Nm
Transmission 5-Speed Manual 6-Speed AT 5-SpeedMT/6-Speed MT 5-Speed MT 5-Speed MT
Mileage 15.10 kmpl 14.29 kmpl 21.04 kmpl/19.98 kmpl 24.52 kmpl 24.2 kmpl

The Innova Crysta is indeed a powerful unit in terms of performance, it comes in two engine formats - 2.4-litre and 2.8-litre engine. As for the Lodgy, it comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine, in two states of tunes on in 84bhp and other in 108bhp.

As for the Ertiga, it is powered by 1.3-litre diesel and 1.4-litre petrol engine and churns out 89bhp and 91bhp respectively. The Honda Mobilio is powered by 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engine, which develops 117bhp and 98.6bhp respectively.

With the diesel ban looming in the country, Toyota will feel the pinch with the Innova Crysta, this where Ertiga wins, where it has the automatic and manual option for the petrol model and SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle from Suzuki), which is a mild hybrid and this helps escape the diesel ban.

Overall Engine Rating

Toyota Innova Crysta 8/10
Renault Lodgy 7.5/10
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 7.8/10
Honda Mobilio 7/10


The Innova Crysta takes the cake and eats it too with its unbeatable seven airbags, collision sensing auto door unlock, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist.

As for the Renault Lodgy, it is equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, collision and central motion sensing auto door lock and impact sensing auto door unlock.

The Ertiga comes with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, speed sensing door locks, and reverse parking camera. Honda Mobilio comes with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, reverse parking camera, and speed sensing door locks.

Overall Safety Rating

Toyota Innova Crysta 8/10
Renault Lodgy 7.5/10
Maruti Suzuki Ertiga 7/10
Honda Mobilio 7/10


Toyota Innova Crysta Prices* Renault Lodgy Prices*
2.4 GX 7-Seater Rs. 14,69,681 Std 84 bhp 8-Seater Rs. 8,54,821
2.4 GX 8-Seater Rs. 14,74,181 RxE 84 bhp 7&8-Seater Rs. 9,37,379
2.8 GX AT 7-Seater Rs. 15,99,681 RxL 84 bhp 8-Seater Rs. 9,99,297
2.8 GX AT 8-Seater Rs. 16,04,181 RxL 108 bhp 7&8-Seater Rs. 10,40,575
2.4 VX 7-Seater Rs. 17,53,397 RxZ 84 bhp 8-Seater Rs. 10,99,000
2.4 VX 8-Seater Rs. 17,57,897 RxZ 108 bhp 8-Seater Rs. 11,95,371
2.4 ZX 7-Seater Rs. 19,47,930 RxZ 108 bhp 7-Seater Rs. 12,26,330
2.8 ZX AT 7-Seater Rs. 20,77,930    

Maruti Ertiga Prices* Honda Mobilio Prices*
LDi Rs. 7,08,247 E Rs. 8,67,000
LDi(O) Rs. 7,14,736 S Rs. 9,43,000
VDi Rs. 7,74,023 V Rs. 10,62,500
ZDi Rs. 8,26,514 V(O) Rs. 11,19,500
ZDi+ Rs. 8,66,477 RS Rs. 11,76,000
    RS(O) Rs. 12,32,700

*Prices are Ex-Showroom (Delhi)


The Toyota Innova Crysta is a league apart and needs to be considered as it leads the MUV segment by far with any of the competitors. That leaves us with the remaining three vehicles, the Ertiga, with many options for you like the Hybrid, automatic and manual gearbox for the petrol engine, is the better proposition, Honda's Mobilio has the quality stamp from the Japanese manufacturer and comes with better engine performance on papers, however, it lacks the performance on the road.

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