Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

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The world of automobiles involves a bit more than just cars and motorcycles. They involve electric scooters, trucks, buses, utility vehicles, farm equipment, boats, ships, and planes. The reason is that auto manufacturers make the above-mentioned modes of transport and utility vehicles as well.

One major utility vehicle, or rather farm equipment that is key for developing the country is the Tractor. Many companies make Tractors and here is the list of top 10 Tractor companies in India.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

10. Standard Tractors

At number 10 is Standard Tractors, which was established in the year 1975. The company makes Harvesters and Tractors and offer a wide variety of options to customers. The Standard Tractor company is based in Delhi and its manufacturing facility is set up in Punjab.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

9. Preet Tractors

Taking the ninth place is Preet Tractors, which was established in the year 1980. The company manufactures farm products and when it comes to Tractors ranging from 30 to 90 HP, Preet is the preferred choice for many.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

8. Balwan Tractors

The eighth place goes to Balwan Tractors, owned by Force Motors. Based in Pune, Tractors have been made since 1957, and the Force not only makes Tractorsbut also commercial and passenger vehicles.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

7. HMT Limited

Now, one would immediately relate to watches. If you did, no worries, since it is the same company that makes Tractors as well. The company was established in 1971 and is based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

6. New Holland

In the sixth place is the Italian company New Holland. Customers prefer the New Holland brand because of its excellent customer support as well, apart from its great products. The company started operations in India in 1996 and has already sold over 2.5 lakh Tractors.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

5. John Deere

Taking the fifth place is John Deere. The US-based equipment manufacturing company is doing a pretty good job in India. The company was established in the year 1837 and is ranked around 300th in the global fortune 500.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

4. Sonalika International

The fourth place goes to Punjab-based Sonalika International. Being one of the oldest Tractor companies in India, Sonalika ventured out into the passenger car industry as well in 2004.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

3. Escorts Agri Machinery

Escorts is an old and very familiar name in the Agricultural sector in India and globally. Established in the year 1960, Escorts not only makes Tractors for India but also exports them to over 40 other countries.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

2. Tractors And Farm Equipments Limited (TAFE)

The second largest is TAFE. Established in the year 1960 and based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, TAFE's popular Tractor brands are Massey, Ferguson and Tafe. TAFE also acquired Eicher Tractor in the year 2005.

Top 10 Tractor Companies In India

1. Mahindra

Established in the year 1964, Mahindra is not only India's leading Tractor manufacturerbut the World's number 1 in terms of volumes. Mahindra has grown over the years to make excellent automobiles as well in the passenger and commercial segment, all the while concentrating on its Tractor business.

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