Top 10 Future Technology For Cars; Some Are Really Significant

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A wave of new cars is being launched with some of the best features. All automobile manufacturers are setting themselves apart from other manufacturers with the kind of features their cars come with. Here is a list of top 10 future technologies that could make it to your car.

10. Air-Conditioned Seats

With temperature soaring worldwide, even the normal AC in your car seems to be underperforming. So one is to have AC seats, the seats of the AC ventilates are porous mesh through which cool air flows.

In India, luxury car makers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo and Audi provide these features and some call it the Active seat ventilation.

9. Traffic Sign Recognition

This technology recognises road signs like "Speed Limit" or "Turn Left/Right" and activates accordingly, this increases the safety and convenience, and comfort of the driver. A front-facing camera recognises the signs and passes on the message to the Information Cluster and directs the ECU or informs the driver to take corrective action.

8. Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection

The feature of Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection is to detect any pedestrian walking across the road during darkness, it immediately recognises and displays the information. However, this might not work if trees or any objects are covering the signs. Volvo cars such as V40, S60 are some of the cars which are equipped with this technology, however, these are yet to be featured in the Indian models.

7. Augmented Reality Dashboards

This technology is seen in most of the high-end cars around the world, the feature is displayed as information on the windshield and the driver will have a lot of details like the distance between cars or objects. It also prompts how to manoeuvre to the next lane before any possible collision. BMW recently showcased new technology where they use AR glasses to look for any changes in the performance of the engine or parts of the car, it also provides step-by-step instructions to rectify the issue.

6. Intelligent Headlights

We have seen auto headlamps in India and even the guide me home lights, however, this intelligent headlight detects any oncoming vehicles and dims the high beam which any input from the driver. This helps the other driver from any glare and avoid a possible collision.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

The normal cruise control that we see here in India does the job of locking the speed and maintain a constant speed. With the Adaptive Cruise Control, the system will take over the steering aspect of the car. The technology uses sensor and radar to detect and drive accordingly. Mitsubishi was one of the first to attempt this technology on its cars in 1995 in its Diamante.

4. Intelligent Braking System

This technology will be the most required in your car, it takes input from various sensors, radars, video cameras, and GPS to recognise a possible collision up front. It will warn the driver and engage the brakes, the seat belts too will be built to withstand the impact.

3. V2V Connectivity

V2V is a vehicle to vehicle connectivity, with technology reaching new heights, soon cars will communicate with each other and share information on distance, speed and the direction the car is moving. Automobile manufacturers could use WiFi to enable this feature and help in safety and comfort of the driver and the drive itself.

2. Advanced Automotive Cameras

Cameras are placed in the front of the car and have an 180-degree view which can see much better than the human eye can inside the car. It alerts the driver of a car which could cross its path and avoid any accidents. Companies from Ford, Chrysler and BMW are are already equipping their vehicle with the same. Around View of Infiniti is already seen in the BMW/s 5 and 7 series as an optional package.

1. Self Driving

In the near future, we will witness where cars will drive on its own intelligence. Google is leading in this technology project and we could see this sooner than later. This technology will enable a whole lot of comfort and safety as it will detect and take corrective action and lets you have a smooth drive.

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Story first published: Friday, May 13, 2016, 16:09 [IST]
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