Why Should Only Cars Get The Upgrades? Why Not The Showrooms Too?

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The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated and revolutionary product for the American automotive firm, Tesla. So the company wants to completely redesign its showroom before the new car makes its way.

VP for North American Sales Tesla, Ganesh Srivats speaking to Fast Company said, the electric firm will be completely overhauling its sales department and will put traditional sales methods aside and will implement an innovative way of showcasing their products.

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But Srivats denied to give any information about future plans of Tesla. This statement from Tesla suggests that something big is going to happen as for the sales is concerned. Tesla has a tie-up with various dealers throughout the country, and has set up galleries to display and test drive their products, with a staff from company to give the customers the technical information.

But the issue is, for example, in Texas and Arizona, the sales of this kind of cars is against the law, so apart from testing, there will be no information on price and purchase of vehicle. So Tesla cannot do much about this with its new showrooms.

Speaking to Fast Company, Srivats said, "We knew we couldn't rely on dealerships to promote our mission to operate the business the way we wanted to provide this great customer experience. So we've really had to chart our own course. We like the idea of owning the entire process. It creates an information loop from our customers straight into manufacturing and vehicle design."

Tesla will not be launching the new Model 3 until 2017. So they have ample lot of time to restructure their showrooms. Are they going to bring some major change? Only time will tell.

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