Tesla Sued In Norway — Model S Not Insanely Quick Enough?

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The Tesla Model S is a car known for its stomach turning acceleration thanks to an acceleration mode which Tesla has labelled it insane.

However, 126 Tesla Model S P85D owners in Norway are suing Tesla claiming that the cars cannot match Tesla's claimed 0–100km/h acceleration time of 3.3 seconds.

The unhappy customers also claim that the reason for the sluggish acceleration in their cars is the fact that the cars are actually producing 463bhp instead of the 690bhp figure quoted by Tesla.

Speaking to Bloomberg,Kaspar Thommessen, an attorney at Wikborg Rein law firm which is representing the disgruntled customers said, said the car 'has too low horsepower' and that 'affects the car's performance, according to the consumers.'

However, American carmaker Tesla Motors isn't backing down from its claims about the P85D's acceleration figures a spokesperson for the company, Even Sandvold Roland, said that car meets requirements 'according to the measurement method required by the authorities.'

The case will be heard before a court in the Norwegian capital of Oslo in mid-October and if the the P85D owners who complained of inadequate acceleration win they could be reimbursed as much as 50,000 kroner (Rs. 4.05 lakh) each.

Norway is one of Tesla's largest markets thanks to the numerous government subsidies on offer for electric cars. The Tesla P90D, the successor to the P85D is currently sold in Norway for 801,000 kroner (Rs. 64.94 lakh).

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