Tata Motors Receives A Patent For Its Auto Stop/Start System

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Tata Motors has received an interesting patent that saves fuel in vehicles. An auto stop-start system for manual transmission has been developed by Tata Motors. It is a simple and cost effective solution that is developed to save fuel and improve fuel efficiency.

An electric motor, along with an engine stop/start system was filed in the patent. The engine will receive an electronic command which will start and stop the engine. The idle speed of the vehicle will be judged by the electronic system to stop/start the engine.

Engineers at Tata Motors have developed this system from the ground up to receive the patent. An assembly of digital inputs to sense crank position, brake pedal position, clutch pedal position, ignition key, vehicle and engine speed will be needed for the electronic controller.

Conventional auto start/stop system in manual transmission vehicles works a bit differently. The engine switches off only when the driver engages neutral and release the clutch pedal. Tata's system automatically senses when the vehicle is stationary in its auto stop/start technology.

It is currently unclear as to when Tata Motors would introduce its all-new auto stop/start system in its vehicles. Tata Motors could also license the technology to other manufacturers. Stay tuned to know when Tata Motors could introduce its latest technology in its upcoming vehicles.

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