Police Officials Seize Lamborghini For Evading Tax

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The Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials have detained a Lamborghini, registered in Pondicherry, after the owner had not paid necessary taxes, according to the Mumbai Mirror. It all started when Jagdish Khetwani's son crashed the supercar on a flyover in Thane.

police officials seize lamborghini

Officials from the Naupada police department gave Khetwani and his son a green signal, claiming nobody was hurt or involved in the crash. Even police officials from Thane did not bother to investigate. Later, a social activist named Binu Varghese from Thane filed a complaint with the Commissioner in Mumbai, suspecting the owner bought the vehicle without paying necessary taxes.

Police officials later formed a team to trace out the vehicle and found it at Jubilant sports car showroom in Sewri. The car was registered in Pondicherry, when the owner, Khetwani, has a permanent address in Thane. The owner purposely registered the car in the Union Territory to avoid paying hefty taxes.

According to Senior inspector Anandram Wagle from Navi Mumbai RTO, "It was clear he had done it to evade the one-time road tax, around Rs 70 lakh in this case, to be paid to the Maharashtra government. In Pondicherry, the tax paid was Rs. 1 lakh."

The registration issued by Pondicherry authorities expired on December for the Lamborghini, but the accident took place in January 2016. This meant the car was on the road without proper registration, according to RTO officials.

After the owner of the Lamborghini failed to produce necessary documents and tax receipts, the RTO Officials have detained the car and are verifying if Khetwani has paid necessary taxes for other cars he owns, such as Porsches and Mercedes'.

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