Hyundai Might Bring The Xing Back In Santro; Will Maruti Keep Quiet?

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Hyundai Motor India is seriously planning on a comeback for the Santro - the original tall boy car. According to ET, the car is under development in South Korea and we could see it in a couple of years.

Due to the sheer number of enquiry about the good old Santro, Hyundai is looking to bring the Xing back to the Santro in the form of bringing it back to India. Sources are tight-lipped about the project, however, they are taking serious note of the popularity the Santro enjoys in India.

So will the country's largest car maker be quiet? Maruti is looking at the tall boy design car as well, reportedly they are looking at the Alto tall boy spec car to counter the Hyundai Santro.

The Hyundai Santro was launched back in 1997 with power steering and MPFI engine, a new technology at that time and it was mainly to rival the iconic Maruti Zen. The Santro was first launched in 1-litre engine and then moved on to 1.1-litre engine.

Its ease of ingress and egress from the car helped many in terms of driving the car with not much of a hassle. The Santro was selling a regular 2,000 to 2,500 units every month till it was phased out two years back.

Currently, the Hyundai i10 enjoys the space once occupied by the Santro, it is still used by many and they vouch for its quality and many driving schools depend on the Santro for the driving lessons as they say 'Its a standard car for learning to drive'.


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