100-Year Old Ford Model T Puts A Mahindra Thar To Shame!

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Model T by Ford or popularly known as the 'Tin Lizzie' was produced between 1908 to 1927. Most people consider old cars to be simple and inefficient. Now the Model T takes on the Ramp Travel Index (RTI) to measure suspension flex.

The ramp is designed in a way that forces front and rear wheels to flex in different directions. All four tyres have to be in contact with ground and ramp. Once the vehicle cannot go any further a reading is taken thus, providing a suspension flex score.

Ford's Model T climbed up to 103 inches on a 20-degree ramp. The total score on RTI for the Model T was 1,030. Several popular SUVs and 4x4 models have managed to score a maximum of 350 to 500 on the RTI scale.

Rubicon and Wrangler by Jeep have modern 4x4 models have secure 769 and 724 on the RTI respectively. The 1,000 score is what custom off-road and 4x4 builder try to achieve. Ford Model T is almost a decade old and has proved that its suspension was an engineering marvel.

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