2018 Formula E Battery Deal Explored By Panasonic & Sony

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Formula E is accepting tenders for the 2018 season, relating to new battery requirements. Previously, we informed you that Red Bull Technology plans on supplying Formula E with batteries. Now, Panasonic and Sony seem to also be interested in a similar deal.

Sony is most likely to partner with McLaren Electronic Systems for the electric batteries. During season one of Formula E, the duo supplied all teams with motors. Currently, Sony produces lithium-ion batteries that can be promoted through the Formula E Championship.

Panasonic previously was associated with Formula E, owing to a partnership with Dragon Racing Team. Now, Panasonic seems interested in supplying all the teams with electric batteries. Nine companies have showcased their interest in delivering batteries for the Formula E Championship.

Williams Advanced Engineering supplies the entire paddock with batteries in Formula E. For the 2018 Championship, officials want to increase available energy to 250 kW/h. A final decision on the electric battery supplier is expected to be announced by September.

Apart from Sony and Panasonic, Mahindra Racing, Red Bull Technology, and Renault DS are contenders. Formula E teams will commence testing with new batteries by mid-2017. It would be interesting to see which company receives the contract.

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