Red Bull Technology Plans To Supply Formula E With Electric Batteries

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Red Bull Technology has showcased its interest in Formula E Championship. Surprisingly, they are not looking at setting up a team. The energy drinks brand plans on developing a deeper bond with the electric racing championship.

The company has offered a tender to deliver electric batteries for Formula E Championship. Red Bull Technology wants to enter this segment during the fifth season. If Red Bull Group receives a nod from officials, all teams will be supplied new batteries from 2018 season onwards.

Usable energy from the electric batteries is expected to witness a bump soon. Red Bull Technology plans to increase usable energy significantly. Currently, only 54 kW/h is available and Red Bull believes they can take it up to 250 kW/h.

Currently, Williams Advanced Engineering supplies batteries to all teams in the Formula E Championship. Mahindra Racing, Williams Advanced Engineering, Renault, DS, and several other have put in tenders for being the official electric battery supplier in 2018.

By August 23rd to September 5th, officials will finalise on the contenders. Testing with the new battery will commence from mid-2017 by teams. It would be interesting to see which manufacturer receives this vital contract, as it would positively affect their road-going electric vehicles.

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