Volkswagen Asks Dealers To Stop Selling The Polo Immediately!

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The Volkswagen Polo sales have been stopped in India with immediate effect after the carmaker asked dealers to do so. In a letter addressed to the dealers, the car maker has asked dealers not to deliver any Polos.

The dealers were told not to deliver any variant of the Polo hatchback, effective immediately, until further notice from Volkswagen.

The letter to the dealers was signed by two senior officials-Ashish Gupta, Head of After Sales Operations and Pankaj Sharma, Head of Sales Operations.

When ET contacted them, they confirmed the decision but, said a detailed statement would be given later.

Volkswagen has also clarified that the decision to stop delivering the Polos to customers had nothing to do with the diesel engine scandal or the cheat software.

A Volkswagen official has confirmed that the stop in sales has nothing to do with the EA 189 diesel engine that has been fitted with the cheat software, that can cheat emission tests.

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