Study: Volkswagen Emission Scandal Will Kill 59 Americans (Details)

A recent study by researchers at Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has revealed that 59 Americans will die prematurely in the US alone, due to Volkswagen's Diesel Gate scandal. The implication for Europe is far worse. The study uses data about population density, traffic, health risks, and weather patterns.

This study conducted by researchers is the first peer-reviewed estimate of the impact caused by Volkswagen's cheat software on human health. If all the affected cars are recalled by the end of next year, it will save another 130 deaths.

Another major factor that concerns Professor Steven Barrett of MIT, who was the lead author of this study is, how many customers will turn in their Volkswagen cars to be fixed.

Volkswagen's cheat software allowed 482,000 cars in the US alone to pass emission tests. These cars emitted nitrogen oxide pollutants up to 40 times above the permissible limit in the US.

In an average, 60 people will die prematurely, ten years earlier, for half a million affected Volkswagen cars in the US. Taking into consideration that 11 million cars are affected worldwide, death estimates in Europe could be much higher.

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