Volkswagen Emission Scandal File Goes Missing!

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Volkswagen has been in the news lately with its emission scandal and there is more news emerging everyday about the German carmaker. The latest report is of the emission scandal file that has gone missing.

The file may not be very vital to the investigation, although it is a loss. According to a spokesperson who spoke with Reuters, the file that went missing contained duplicate data of what is already online and some notes containing legal questions about this case. Investigators have ruled the case of the missing file as annoying, more than a grave concern.

Till date, Volkswagen claims that only a few are involved in rigging emission tests, but investigations are going on and the authorities are still curious as to how the defeat software ended up in 11 million VW cars worldwide. The German carmaker had suspended a few top officials over the last few weeks relating to the scandal, and the latest among them was VWs head of Quality Control, Frank Tuch.

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