Tata Safari Storme & Mahindra Scorpio Pass Rigorous Army Tests

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The Army regularly need vehicles for various purposes, and do not select vehicles at random for military applications. There is a procedure and manufacturers have to prove that their vehicles can survive certain basic tests. For every aspect, government tenders have to be filled and the best offering will be chosen.

Currently the Army makes use of Maruti Suzuki's Gypsy along with Mahindra's Commander. They now want to acquire new vehicles and have put out a notice for manufacturers to come and showcase their strengths in rigorous tests conducted by the Army. This deal is expected to amount to about INR 500 crore to INR 750 crore.

Several manufacturers showed interest in this deal with the Army, however, only Tata Motors and Mahindra took part. The Safari Storme and Scorpio have passed the rigorous tests conducted by the Indian Army. Now these manufacturers can place their tenders and the officials will decide what is best for them.

Mahindra and Tata Motors will be modifying their existing Scorpio and Safari Storme. This is being done to ensure they pass the strict tests devised by the Army. The vehicles will feature convoy lamps, black out lights, provision for ammunition and water. A hook needs to be present on the rear in case the vehicle needs to tow other military equipment.

These new vehicles should be capable of pulling a payload of approximately 800 kilograms, along with a hard top. The previous vehicles of the Army Gypsy and Commander can only pull a maximum payload of 500 kilograms and are not suitable as per the new requirements.

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