Toyota Deliver First FCV To Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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Toyota, one of Japan's leading carmakers has delivered its first hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV), the Mirai sedan to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as his official vehicle.

Abe said, "The hydrogen era is finally starting" after he went for a spin in the sedan around the ground in front of his office in Tokyo.

The shiny blue sedan will be used as the Prime Minister's official car. Toyota also delivered its Mirai FCV to the economy, transport and environment ministries on the same day.

toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

FCVs generate electricity using a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. These vehicles produce zero carbon and is very eco friendly.

The government is also planning to increase the number of hydrogen fuel stations to 100 locations by the end of 2015.

Toyota had opened bookings for the Mirai FCV in December last year and have received 1,500 orders till the 15th of January, while the company expected only 400 orders or so.

Majority of these orders are from government agencies and corporate customers compared to regular customers.

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