Porsche Next-Gen Cayenne To Be Faster Than Bentley Bentayga

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Luxury cars are every individuals dream, however, they are not achievable by all. These vehicles cost exuberant amounts of money and sometimes are not available as they are made in limited numbers. They are also fitted with huge and powerful engines.

German automobile manufacturer Porsche is famous for building several performance oriented cars. They recently diverted their attention to the luxury SUV market. Porsche had launched their Cayenne, which got mixed reactions from their fans and critics.

next gen porsche cayenne

The luxury SUV market is slowly yet steadily growing and many more manufacturers are entering this space. Latest entrant is British luxury car maker Bentley, so far they are new to the segment. They recently showcased a few images, along with the name of their luxury SUV. Bentley has christened their very first SUV as the ‘Bentayga'.

British manufacturers claimed that their luxury SUV will be the fastest, however, now Porsche says that their next-gen Cayenne will be the fastest luxury SUV on offer. In the first place SUVs are not supposed to go fast they need to be versatile in tough terrains and rugged so that these vehicles do not get damaged easily.

bentley bentayga suv launching

When Bentley's Bentayga and Porsche's next-gen Cayenne are launched there will be very few people who take these luxury SUVs off-road to play. These luxury SUVs will be driven with extreme car and mostly by chauffeurs.

Porsche claims they won't fit anything bigger than a V6 mill in their next-gen Cayenne. On the flip side the Bentayga sports a 12-cylinder by Bentley. Porsche claim they can achieve similar top speeds just as Bentley's luxury SUV. So the Bentayga will not hold the title of being the fastest SUV for too long as next-gen Cayenne will steal it from it.

Story first published: Saturday, January 31, 2015, 15:28 [IST]
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