Mercedes-Benz Museum To Sell Classic Cars

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Ever dreamed of owning a Mercedes Benz classic car? If you have and didn't buy one because you were worried about how well the car of your choice was really doing and what lay underneath the shiny paint or were put off by exorbitant prices, you're about to get some good news.

The Mercedes Benz museum has decided to help cater to buyers of classic Mercs with their "All Time Stars" project. At, you can choose from a variety of 3-pronged star classics including the oldest and rarest of the lot that's on sale, the Mercedes-Benz 630, first produced in 1928. The 630 is of the ‘K' variety which means that it has a 6.3-litre engine capable of producing a rather grand old 160bhp.

All cars sold through the ‘All Time Stars' project will go through a 160 point checklist which will determine their authenticity and quality. Quality will be split into three categories.

The highest, the Premium Edition will have cars in original condition with low mileage or those that have been fully restored by the experts from the museum.

The second tier is called the Collectors Edition and features cars in excellent condition both technically and visually with some character defining vintage details.

The third and final tier will be the Drivers Edition, which will contain classic and modern classics for people who want to drive their cars and don't mind putting a bit of work into the cars.

Cars can be viewed online or at the museum in Stuttgart.

mercedes benz museum to sell classic cars
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