Mahindra Counters Fake Parts By Raiding Auto Part Makers

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Indian automobile giant Mahindra has launched its next-gen Scorpio by the end of 2014. For 2015 they plan to come up with more modern and interesting products. They are among the leading manufacturers and sellers of Utility Vehicles in India.

The Indian automobile industry is filled with several fake parts manufacturers. These produce sub-standard components, which could damage the vehicle. In an attempt to stop the circulation of fake parts Mahindra organised a raid across several of spare part manufacturers' facilities.

mahindra fake components

Mahindra & Mahindra organised a raid across six spare component manufacturers and sellers of the country. They took the assistance of local police officers in their effort to stop sales of fake parts. The search yielded benefits and several counterfeit parts were seized.

More than a thousand products were captured in this seizure by Mahindra. They raided several shops, manufacturing facilities and packers in North India. The biggest issue is that of safety, that several of these products lack and are not taken into consideration most of the time.

Air filters, clutch plates, oil filters and pressure plates are among the top components that are produced by these fake manufacturing facilities. During Mahindra's effort to put an end to this issue they also seized packing material along with their labels that would make it difficult to differentiate real versus fake.

Mahindra claims they will intensify their search for all counterfeit manufacturers and will put a stop to it. Currently they provided their spare parts to several after sales distributors and this could be one of the reasons for increase in production of fake parts.

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