Study Shows That New Diesel Engine Fumes Don't Cause Cancer

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According to a recent study, fumes from the latest technology diesel engines do not cause lung cancer. The study showed that new generation diesel engines produce up to 90 percent less emission than the old ones.

This study was conducted on lab rats, which were exposed to diesel fumes for 80 hours a week for 30 months.

EPA07 variety engines were used and diesel particulate filters were also used to trap particulate matter.

diesel engine fumes

Compared to older diesel engines, the study proved that even a lifetime exposure to diesel engine fumes did not induce tumors or pre-cancerous changes in the lungs. There was some changes in the lungs due to long term exposure to NO2, but that too has been reduced significantly with the introduction of EPA10 engines.

Over 30 percent of trucks and buses meet these standards and the trend is growing at a rapid pace in America and Europe as well.

Other countries like China are making a step towards implementing ultra-low sulfur diesel that is required to run these engines.

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