Four Engineering Students From India Design Dual Fuel Engine

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Four engineering students from LD Engineering College in Ahmedabad have designed an engine that can run on two fuel types - diesel and natural gas.

The students who designed the engine are Rushil Mehta, Ankit Chauhan, Jay Patel, and Mohit Khatri.

Some of the features of this dual-fuel engine are:

Lower emissions and less harmful pollutants in the exhaust gas which helps to reduce the percentage of greenhouse gases and prevents global warming to some extent.

Power produced by the engine remains same during dual-fuel mode.

Switchover from dual-fuel mode to diesel mode is very simple and can be operated by a switch.

The kit can be attached to the diesel engine currently fitted in the three wheelers, pumps, generators etc. without any modification in the engine.

There are no sensors in the kit and it is fully manual. Therefore, the cost of the kit is INR 25,000.

Rushil Mehta, one of the students who designed this engine said, "Diesel fuel acts as a spark plug. It auto ignites under compression and then ignites the gas. The dual-fuel operation doesn't involve any major engine modification, only a premixer is attached on the inlet manifold."

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