Diesel Automobiles Over Ten Years To Be Banned In Delhi

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The Government of India is keen on making the country a cleaner and greener place. They plan on implementing several new measures that will take care of environment problems.

Now the Delhi Government has announced that it will not allow diesel powered vehicles older than ten years to run on their streets. The ban has been set into immediate effect on all old diesel vehicles.

Diesel run vehicles from outside states will also be not permitted entry into the capital city. It is a strong attempt at improving pollution levels in India.

ten year diesel ban

Currently the pollution level is at an all time high in the capital of India. It was ranked as one of the most polluted cities in the world. This was due to the huge population of vehicles that ply on Delhi roads.

Earlier a ban was to established on all old vehicles, however, it was rolled back as it took away vintage status from a few of them. There have been numerous regulations, which were set prior to imposing this ban.

There is currently no report on how the Delhi Government will check on this situation and we believe it will be difficult in the initial stages.

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