Are Newer Cars Killing Us?

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Very much the truth in middle to low income regions. A majority of vehicles that are sold in Africa, Asia and Latin America still lack meeting safety standards that European cars had 20 years ago!

Max Mosley, the Chairman of Global NCAP has said this is totally unacceptable and asked car manufacturers to raise the safety standards.

The automobile market, which is a growing industry in places like Africa, Asia and Latin America is manufacturing cars that could kill people since safety is something that is absolutely non-existent.

There is an increase in cheap but unsafe automobiles. Global NCAP has found out that a majority of cars sold in the above mentioned regions failed even the basic tests like frontal and side impact tests.

One good example is how carmakers like Maruti Suzuki and Datsun are still selling cars in India, even after their models have proven to be not just dangerous but fatal!

It's time changes are made and people are sold cars that are safe. Carmakers need to look beyond just making money and make amends for putting people at risk.

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