BMW & Toyota Join Hands To Develop An Entry-Level Hatchback

German luxury car manufacturer, BMW and Japanese automobile giant, Toyota will be coming together to work on a new project. These two automobile manufacturers will work together on developing an all new entry-level hatchback.

BMW and Toyota have worked together in the past as well on collaborative projects. MINI had introduced its very first diesel powered vehicle in the world with Toyota's diesel mill. This project began in 2003 and was not the last time the two manufacturers helped each other.

The German and Japanese manufacturer got together once again in 2011. This time, BMW promised they would help Toyota develop its Supra rear-wheel drive system as well as provide diesel mills. In exchange they expected Toyota to provide its fuel cell knowledge, which was being developed.

Their union in 2015 is expected to provide the world with a smaller version of a Mini, which is currently being dubbed as the 'Minor'. There are no details regarding engine specifications or vehicle size and talks are still at an initial stage for the project.

We believe this new entry-level hatchback could draw inspiration from the Rocketman concept showcased at Auto Shows. It could also take cues from its recently launched Paceman model. But if it is an entry-level model it will not be as flamboyant as the concept model.

Toyota also offers a small car in the form of their Aygo, which is a popular hatchback in European markets. We believe they could take the Aygo and use it as a base to work on their new Mini entry-level hatchback.

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