Mercedes Have Made F1 Boring - Bernie Ecclestone

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Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has claimed that the Mercedes domination of the Formula One championship has made the sport boring.

In an interview with the German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag, Ecclestone claimed that the Mercedes stranglehold over Formula One was driving spectators away from the sport.

"The domination of Mercedes is so strong that a good number of people watch the start of a race and then switch off their televisions because Mercedes have made races boring. It is not good for the sport. Fans don't want to know before the start of a Grand Prix who is going to win. It's a problem for us at the moment and one that we must resolve."

The Formula One boss claimed that he was worried about the sport's future and stated that he believes that teams and manufacturers need to co-operate more to make the sport more affordable and attractive and agree on a package of reform measures.

"For decades, we have tried to limit financial operations to guarantee more competitiveness," added Ecclestone who believes more powerful and cheaper engines are key to achieving a level playing field.

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