Audi R8's Laser Headlights Revealed

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The Audi R8, the German carmakers flagship sports car will receive the all new laser headlight technology as one of its many new features.

As an option, the latest car development by Audi can be equipped with a laser spot as the high‑beam headlight.

The headlight will use high intensity laser diodes, that will generate a more light energy from a very small component. Compared to LED high‑beam headlights, laser high‑beams will deliver nearly twice the lighting range.

audi r8 laser headlight

Each headlight has one laser module that operates with four high‑intensity laser diodes which bundles the four intense blue‑light laser beams. This is then converted to a bright white light with a phosphor converter.

This standard equipment in the new R8 will be an LED headlight system. All lighting functions are produced with 37 LEDs in each headlight.

This new laser headlight technology from Audi made its debut in 2014 in the limited edition in the Audi R8 LMX.

The laser spot is the latest production technology in a long line of lighting innovations.

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