Porsche Plans 918 Spyder Successor After Car Sold Out

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German luxury carmaker Porsche, will soon come up with a successor to the 918 Spyder, after the hybrid hypercar has been officially sold out.

Porsche, who planned on manufacturing only 918 units of this car has officially confirmed that all 918 units are sold out.

Most of the 918 Spyder was bought by the US market. Around 297 cars have been sold in the US alone, making it the biggest market for the Spyder.

porsche 918 spyder

The next biggest markets for the hypercar was China and Germany itself. Roughly 100 cars were bought in each market.

This plug in hybrid sports car had a starting price of USD 845,000 (INR 5.29 crore).

Porsche will come up with a successor in due course of time, not immediately though.

Powering the 918 Spyder was a 135 kg, 4.6-litre V8 engine that delivered 608 horsepower and two additional electric motors that made 279 horsepower. The car had a combined total output of 887 horsepower.

porsche limited edition car

The power is delivered to all four wheels, which creates a massive 1,275 Nm of torque.

The car can run on battery only mode for 19 km, and combined with the petrol engine, the car can achieve an impressive top speed of 340 km/h.

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