Mahindra Eyes European Market For Electric Vehicles

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One of India's largest automobile manufacturer, Mahindra is eyeing the European market for the export of electric vehicles.

Pawan Goenka, the Executive Director and President of Mahindra said, "We are targeting the West European markets of Norway, UK and France for the sale of electric vehicles."

Mahindra is not satisfied with the sales of its latest electric vehicle, the e20 in the Indian market.

He said, "The sale performance of the electric vehicles of the company is very poor. We are selling around 250 units all over the country whereas we expected to sell around 100 units per month."

The Executive Director said that the company will start exporting the e2o to Western Europe next year.

Goenka said, "We will be happy if the company is able to sell 100 units overseas and 100 units in the domestic market. This is a good volume for us."

Goenka assured that Mahindra will continue to make more investments in developing electric vehicles in the future and there will be an electric version of the company's LCV Maximo commercial vehicle soon.

He also said, "In future launches, there will be an equal content of both diesel and petrol in passenger vehicles segment."

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