Safe E-Rickshaws Launched In Delhi

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Keeping passenger safety in mind, the government of India has launched the new e-rickshaws.

Nitin Gadkari, while unveiling the new rickshaws said, "This will put an end to the practice of human beings pulling human beings. Dalits, muslims and scheduled castes will be benefited by it the most as they are the ones who pull the manual rickshaws."

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, under the Sixteenth Amendment Rules, 2014, cleared the usage of electric rickshaws on public roads, a month ago.

electric rickshaws launched in delhi

The new eco friendly rickshaws will be manufactured under a set of safety parameters. The e-rickshaws, under the new set of rules, will be allowed to carry four passengers and 40kg of luggage.

The e-carts on the other hand, will be able to carry goods up to 310 kg. The Delhi High Court had previously banned usage of e-rickshaws on the roads of Delhi due to safety concerns.

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The rules regarding the e-rickshaws state that 'a special purpose battery operated vehicle having three wheels and intended to provide last mile connectivity for transport of passengers for hire or reward'.

Powering these new e-rickshaws is a 2000 Watt motor, which can ferry passengers at a top speed of 25 km/h.

The government has also made driving licences compulsory to operate these battery powered vehicles.

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