You Can Now Run Your Electric Car On Solar Power

Ford, the American carmaker has developed a new solar panel that can be fitted on top of cars. This new innovation can be used in electric cars according to Ford. The solar panel has been developed by Ford with co-operation from SunPower.

The solar panel can generate up to 3000 kilowatt of power per year and can possibly supplement or even replace plug in electricity in electric cars. Ford claims the solar panel can power the car for about 1,600 kilometres. This new technology is more viable in countries that have more exposure to the sun.

Carmakers are now building fully electric cars. Nissan has already launched the Leaf electric car and Mitsubishi is selling the iMiev electric car. Ford is considering to develop an electric version of its Focus small car. Ford is currently selling a plug-in hybrid version of the focus in the US that can be equipped with this solar panel that costs about $9,500

While electric cars are considered eco-friendly, environmentalists say electric cars can only be considered clean if the source of electricity used to charge these cars also clean. Ford's new solar panel for electric cars will definitely make electric cars truly eco-friendly.

There are several cars that have already used solar panels such as the Toyota Prius, Mazda 929 and the Fisker Karma. While all these models used the generated solar power to power ancillaries this is the first time solar power will be used to to move the car.

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Article Published On: Wednesday, August 24, 2011, 14:58 [IST]
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