12 Car Slogans And Taglines You Won't See In Indian Car Ads

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Tired of all the car adverts you're seeing on Indian television? We are, so we thought we'd do a spin on the taglines and slogans of car manufacturers in India. It was a lot of fun compiling this story for you, we hope you enjoy our digs at the cars, and that these Indian carmakers have a sense of humour too!

So let's get into some real advertising then?

1. Tata Indica

The Tata Indica is synonymous with one thing, and that is taking you home after work. Very few private buyers opt for the Indica for this reason, because personal transport requires a little more exclusivity and personality than the nation's taxi is able to provide.

2. Maruti Eeco

Dubious safety, badly designed seats, and a strained engine meant the Eeco never really took off in India. Also, the bread box styling made it look like a commercial vehicle, which didn't do the carmaker any favours in our style-conscious country.

3. Volkswagen Cross Polo

Hatchbacks can't handle all-terrain duties, especially with 165 mm of ground clearance. So don't add macho cladding to a low car. It doesn't make sense. At least upsize the wheels!

4. Chevrolet Enjoy

Minivans and MPVs generally haven't had a track record of success in the country, unless you're a Toyota Innova. It takes a lot to impress an Indian with a van, and impressed India seemingly isn't with the plain Jane Enjoy. "I drive an Enjoy." "I'm sure you do."

5. Hyundai Eon

It's a good city car and all that, but why did it end up looking so strange? The Hyundai Eon is Hyundai's smallest and cheapest offering in the country, and while the effort to provide a ‘stylish' option at this price level should be commended, we wish Fluidic was more photogenic.

6. Mahindra e2o

The e20 is rapidly growing in popularity, more and more Indians have decided to walk down to electric avenue. It's a good thing, but somehow the little electric car harks back to a bathroom duck, especially in yellow-hued form.

7. Tata Movus

Changing the name to Movus from Sumo Grande to try and improve its image hasn't paid many dividends to Tata Motors, because the styling's so boring you begin yawning every time you reach for the keys.

8. Nissan Sunny

Few cars are more Caaar than the Sunny if you're looking for a super comfortable, spacious sedan that you can be chauffeured in. But it's not the best eye candy unfortunately, despite a facelift last year.

9. Mahindra Bolero

The Bolero is based on the Armada Grand, which was in turn based on the Jeep from the 1950s. So there's plenty ties to history for India's most popular SUV. History is going down in history!

10. Maruti Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki's flagship offering, the Ciaz, is a car that at first glance, looks pretty decent and seems to have the makings of a successful premium sedan. But a closer look reveals plenty of styling inspiration from Honda design cues, as mentioned in this story - bit.ly/copycatindiancars.

11. Audi A3 Cabriolet

A soapbox with German engineering is what the A3 Cabriolet reminds us of. Also, how much sense does it make to own a convertible in a country where fun in the summer sun means sweat, dirt, heat stroke...

12. BMW 5 Series GT

One of the strangest looking cars big money can buy in the country is the 5 Series GT. Why someone would choose this over the stunning Audi A7 should be an interesting case study, but beauty does lie in the eyes of the wealthy beholder.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 14:16 [IST]
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