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Top 10 Driving Songs: A Little Driving Music For Everyone In The Car

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It's often rock music that's generally classified as good driving music, which it is no doubt, but maybe we could add in some more stuff as well. We've come up with a list of songs that our generation should know and have enjoyed in the past—a least a majority of it—but may have forgotten about, that makes for good driving tunes.

We understand it's not a very conventional list, but believe your driving music should keep you cheery, so give a shot in your player. Here's to many miles of happy motoring with the the windows down and the radio up, like a very popular musician in this list talks about.

1. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Summertime (Year of release: 1991)

Summer is well and truly on its way, and what better track than Summertime to set the atmosphere right in your car. Hip hop doesn't get much smoother than this, and the combination of Jazzy Jeff's ultra-chilled beats and the French Prince's (a young Will Smith) easy flow will always make an impressive entrance to Sunday brunch at your mate's in your pride ride.

2. Tom Petty - Learning To Fly (Year of release: 1991)

Rock needs to be represented, obviously, and the genius that is Tom Petty is known to most as the singer of the ubiquitous Free Fallin', but this song is easily one of his best. Add it to your car playlist because few tracks are better suited to the road, with its brilliant score and lyrics that will drive away any work blues that insisted on tagging along for the trip.

3. The Grid - Swamp Thing (Year of release: 1994)

You would think a banjo and techno is one of the least likely combinations that will work, but the iconic Swamp Thing will accompany 100 km/h like few tracks can. Just make sure the amazing beat doesn't over-excite you though, we certainly don't want to profess unsafe driving habits. Because this was easily one the best songs of the early 90s, and complements energetic driving very nicely.

4. Lighthouse Family - Free (Year of release: 2001)

You've had a rough couple of months at the cubicle, and have finally got the time to leave for a well-deserved break. The traffic is thinning out, and you're on the highway at last, on your way to Goa. That's when you should chuck this track on, because you're guaranteed to forget all your troubles, and begin soaking in the fact that you're finally off...

5. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Year of release: 2001)

Tempo change now. Another great driving single that's lying forgotten in a CD grave somewhere, is Planet Funk's Chase the Sun, which works especially well if you're on your way to catching up with your buddies from school in town. It's obviously not a track with the deepest lyrics or anything, but who said catchy tunes can't be good driving music?

6. Milky - Just The Way You Are (Year of release: 2002)

Don't laugh, give it a shot, because music doesn't get you much happier than this song can, and what better time to get cheery than during your road trip. Just The Way You Are has one of the most infectious hooks of our generation's tunes, but it's a song that's lying forgotten in your 1990s collection. So plug in your thumb drive into your stereo, and get into a good mood.

7. Jakatta Feat. Seal - My Vision (Year of release: 2002)

My Vision samples a very famous track by Thomas Newman–Brooks Was Here–which played a part in the Shawshank Redemption movie soundtrack. But get on to a long, straight stretch of expressway, and this is the song to play. You won't feel like stopping for anything if this track is playing, so make sure all loo, smoke, and chow stops have been finished in advance.

8. Nelly - Pimp Juice (Year of release: 2003)

Every car needs at least one track to get the subwoofer booming its best, and if reproduced well, the bass line on Pimp Juice will vibrate some sense into those spoiled kids in your block who think that Pitbull is the epitome of stereo-show-off music. If base is the case, it's all about Nelly...

9. Bryan Adams - Open Road (Year of release: 2004)

From the Room Service album, Bryan Adam's Open Road may not be his most well known song, but it's the perfect one to put you in highway spirits. A simple, pure song about freedom and love for highway escapades, Open Road captures the joy of motoring with uplifting rock music. So don't make fun of Bryan Adams, because he gets the wheelin' world...

10. Avicci - Levels (Year of release: 2011)

We'll end this list with something even the aforementioned Pitbull fan club will recognise. But save this one for when you know it's an open stretch of road with minimal traffic. While we don't encourage rash driving, we know that some songs keep you fixed in the driving zone. This is definitely one of ‘em, and we guarantee you that this remix of the Etta James classic is great accompaniment for your gear changing.

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Story first published: Monday, March 30, 2015, 10:30 [IST]
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