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Top Ten Most Reliable Engines

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Buying a car is definitely a major decision, one that needs to be carefully researched and analysed. A major component that could turn out to be the deciding factor is the engine.

So, here we look at the top ten most reliable engines based on data released by a leading U.K automobile insurance company, Warranty Direct. Which automaker do you think will take the top spot Find out.

10. Land Rover: The Tata owned SUV brand from UK has a failure rate of 1 in 72.

9. Nissan: The makers of Micra and Sunny have a failure rate of 1 in 76.

8. Ford: Known for its affordable vehicles, the American brand has a failure rate of 1 in 80.

7. Fiat: Not yet a major brand in India, the Italian makers of Punto have a failure rate of 1 in 85.

6. Lexus: Toyota's luxury brand may not be a presence in India, but stands high in the reliability index, at 1 in 101.

5. Jaguar: Arguably U.K's most loved car brand, also owned by Tata has a failure rate of 1 in 103

4. Volvo: This Swedish manufacturer is best known for making cars that rate high in occupant safety. Failure rate is 1 in 111

3. Mercedes-Benz: This premium car manufacturer has been doing well in India over the past few years and is the only German brand to feature in this list. Failure rate is 1 in 119.

2. Toyota: The Japanese manufacturer is highly trusted in India and for good reason. Failure rate is 1 in 171.

1. Honda: One of the more well known car and bike manufacturer in the world, Honda stands first in Warranty Direct's engine reliability list. Failure rate is just 1 in 344 or 0.29%

Do you own cars from anyone of these brands?

Story first published: Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 14:02 [IST]
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