Rexnamo Electric Bikes; A Future Possibility: Naman Chopra

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Among many international and national manufacturers, around the corner of the Auto Expo was a local company called Rexnamo. The company has developed an electric Cruiser which will deliver high performance as well as long range.

The Image displayed below is their first concept electric bike developed by Mr. Naman Chopra CEO of Rexnamo. Who has been building bikes from the tender age of 14 alongside his dad. However, Naman has just begin his venture with electric bikes.

This is a prototype and production model could be ready by 2015-2016. These cruiser's will be locally produced upto 80% of the bike will be indigenous. However, certain components like the battery will have to be sourced.

rexnamo electric bikes

These cruiser's will be placed in the luxury segment and would cost three lakhs onward, which may sound steep. However, the price will be justified explains Naman. All the bikes will be hand built and expect originality from the product.

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The Super Cruiser will achieve a top speed of 130 km/hr, once charged the battery will last for about 200 kms. The Battery once purchased will last for 10 years, charging the battery will take no less than 3 hours. Which means it will charge quickly and precious time won't be wasted.

Rexnamo will also be providing customers with customization options like paint, decals, etc. The Super Cruiser will be of great pride to Indians and is a step forward in making the environment green and better.

rexnamo electric crusiers

On future plans Naman tells us that expect something spectacular by the next Expo. Would it be the production ready Super Cruiser or could it be a Sports electric bike. We will have to wait and watch.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 13, 2014, 17:20 [IST]
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