Government Announces New Colour Schemes For Registration Plates And Alphanumeric Values

In an attempt to remove vagueness and confusion regarding registration number plates for vehicles, the Governments has made an announcement about the colour of the plates and the alphanumeric content on it.

The Government announced that electric vehicles will continue to feature a registration plate with a green background, and will display the alphanumeric values in yellow. It also said that vehicles that have a temporary registration number will feature a registration plate with a yellow background, and alphanumeric values in red. 

The notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways also said that vehicles that are in possession of dealerships will display a red registration plate with alphanumeric values in white.

The notification from the Ministry read, "The notification is to rectify the anomalies in the chapter on 'The assignment of registration mark on vehicles for various States and Union Territories at a glimpse' through tabulation of items so that it clearly enunciates the colour of the alpha numerals and the background of registration plate of different class and category of vehicles."

As is, background colours for registration plates and registration numbers is only to ensure clarity and make identification easier. No other mandates have been prescribed.

The MoRTH had earlier proposed that vehicles from different states and union territories should have different registration marks, but withdrew that proposal before prescribing different colours for backgrounds and alphanumerics on registration plates for different categories of vehicles.

In related news, the last mandate that the Government issued regarding registration plates was that all vehicles being registered after April 2019 would have to feature High Security Registration Plates.

The new high security plates cannot be tampered with, offer uniformity, a chromium based hologram, and arrive with a 15 year warranty against breakage. To know more, click here.

Thoughts About The Colour Schemes For Registration Plates Of Vehicles

These colour schemes definitely make identification easier, especially for local law enforcement, making it a real good idea compared to the one where vehicles from different states would feature different identification marks. Well, now that the MoRTH has accomplished its most important task of colour combination, maybe they can get on with other meaningless tasks like repairing and fixing roads within cities and the highways.

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Article Published On: Saturday, July 18, 2020, 11:11 [IST]
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