Chennai Police Seize 7,413 Vehicles Within 24 Hours Of Lockdown

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that the Greater Chennai Police Department has seized 7,413 vehicles within 24 hours of the 15 June lockdown being announced.

The department said that a total of 6,926 two-wheelers, 215 auto rickshaws, and 272 light motor vehicles were seized within the 24 hour period. Cases were filed and registered between 22 and 23 June.

The police have also served 8,105 motorists with notices for violating lockdown rules. While there is no information about the total amount of fines issued via challans to motorists, police say that all vehicles will be released only after the lockdown.

The police say they created multiple checkpoints within the city in order to regulate traffic and to content too many people venturing outside. The police have also deployed two and four-wheeler patrol teams to enforce the much needed restriction.

The State Government announced a complete lockdown of the city and its surrounding areas on 15 June, and has enforced Section 144 to ensure that people do not venture out in large numbers.

The 12-day lockdown that is currently in effect allows for emergency vehicles to remain functional, with the exception of private vehicles that people use to buy daily supplies. Private vehicle owners however, are allowed to travel up to two kilometers only.

The state of Tamil Nadu has the third highest Covid-19 cases in the country, following Delhi and Maharashtra. The Government records that 74,622 people have been tested positive for the virus, as of now.

Data also shows that 41,357 people have recovered, while 957 have lost their lives to the highly contagious Covid-19 virus.

General Trivia:

Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code of 1973 authorises the executive magistrate of any state or territory to issue orders that do not allow for more than four people in an area.

Once imposed, every member of the public that has gathered can be charged for rioting. Rioting is a cognisable and bailable offence in India, and can carry a maximum prison sentence of six months.

Thoughts About The Chennai Police Department Seizing 7,413 Vehicles In 24 Hours

Excellent work by the Greater Chennai Police Department. Indians have no respect for the law and need to be put in situations to help them understand. While we understand the pain of having to stay at home during a lockdown, the masses have to understand that a lockdown is so they remain safe and healthy. We think Delhi and Maharashtra should follow what Tamil nadu has done.

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Article Published On: Saturday, June 27, 2020, 13:16 [IST]
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