Shado Erick Electric Three-Wheeler Unveiled With Instant Charging Capabilities

The Erick electric auto rickshaw has been unveiled. Singapore-based Shado group has developed a passenger electric three-wheeler along with Bangalore-based Adarin Engineering technologies under the 'Erick' brand name.

The electric three-wheeler might just be a game changer with its 5-minute charge time and 70-kilometre range. Electric vehicles are a big deal of late thanks to the global push for greener and more efficient vehicles.

The EV industry is currently the fastest-growing and the growth will not stop anytime soon. It is also the industry that has seen the highest number of start-ups in the shortest period of time. It is obvious that the rat-race of developing, producing and selling electric vehicles is on.

In the electric four-wheeler space, car makers like Mahindra and Tata Motors have already come up with electric vehicles. More recently, Hyundai launched the Kona Electric in India and MG Motor is expected to launch the eZS in India within a few months.

In the electric two-wheeler space, manufacturers like Ather Energy, Okinawa, etc already have the upper hand while several other manufacturers are trying hard to compete. In the electric three-wheeler segment though, there hasn't been any serious development.

Mahindra launched the Treo series of electric three-wheelers back in November 2018. The Treo range of electric three-wheelers are very basic and the segment therefore lacks any serious contender.

This was something to be concerned about, especially since the Indian government mandated all three-wheelers to be electric starting April 2023. Now though, there seems to be some good news in the three-wheeler segment.

Singapore-based Shado Group has unveiled the Erick electric three-wheeler. Right from the start, we can easily see that the Erick would change not just the electric three-wheeler market but also the entire EV market in India.

The Erick makes other electric vehicles look outdated with its ultra-capacitor battery. The battery uses di-electric materials. What this means is that, unlike lithium-ion batteries, the di-electric batteries do not have a chemical reaction, thereby allowing it to charge quicker.

Erick has a claimed charge time of five minutes, which is the best we have seen so far. This, combined with a range of 70 kilometres on one full charge should give auto rickshaw operators the profits they are looking for.

Shado Group has big plans for the Erick in India. These plans include an investment of around Rs 71 crore in setting up of a manufacturing plant near Pune. This manufacturing plant would have the capacity to manufacture over 12,000 units per annum which is more than enough to meet demand.

The drivetrain has been indigenously developed and features a low-voltage motor integrated with the differential delivering lots of torque at low speeds. The motor controller is liquid-cooled, thereby ensuring efficient working even in hot and humid conditions in India.

The battery management system is AI-enabled, therefore ensuring consistent charging and power output. Dr Saurabh Markandeya, co-CEO and executive director for the Shado Group said, "Our three-wheelers are able to match and even exceed existing equivalent petrol and diesel engines yet with lower maintenance and zero emissions."

"The batteries charge in minutes and last 20 times longer than existing electric ones on the market, and do not degrade even in temperatures ranging from -25 to +60 degree Celsius – this is the robustness that Indian owners are looking for. Lastly, the Erick is affordable, costing only Rs 1.50 per kilometre."

Erick's users will have the convenience of charging the electric three-wheeler in multiple ways. The company will set up charging stations at predetermined locations, some of which will be connected to the electricity grid and some more would be solar-powered.

Thoughts On Shado Erick Electric Three-Wheeler With 5-Minute Charging Time Being Produced In India

The primary problem faced by electric vehicles till now was and still is the range and charging time. Most EVs have a decent range but an exceptionally high charging time. With the Shado Erick though, this might change.

The charging technology used to juice up the battery pack within five minutes will eventually find its way to other vehicles and manufacturers. The future is electrifying, even if you are an auto-rickshaw passenger.

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Article Published On: Friday, August 16, 2019, 15:55 [IST]
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