Is Your Tesla Model 3 Ready To Order? Here’s Why You Should Wait!

When Elon Musk pulled the covers off the Tesla Model 3 on March 31, 2016, the zero-emissions world had a collective paroxysm of a need to own the car. By the time the Model 3 was released in July 2017, more than 500,000 people had put down the $1,000 deposit needed to pre-order the car among which 232,000 had done so in the first two days after the EV's unveiling.

 Is Your Tesla Model 3 Ready To Order? Here’s Why You Should Wait!

However, the Tesla Model 3's story what many consider a slight bump in the road, when productions issues brought the speed of the Tesla Model 3's deployment onto the roads to a crawl. However, over time, production has picked up and though still behind Tesla boss Elon Musk's projected time period, these days over 2,000 Model 3's are leaving the American EV maker's production facility every week.

 Is Your Tesla Model 3 Ready To Order? Here’s Why You Should Wait!

This ramp up in the production of the Model 3 means that many more customers who pre-booked their Model 3s are now receiving emails telling them that their Model 3 is ready. While this mail may claim that your Model 3 is ready, it really isn't the case unless you've ordered the First production model which costs $49,000 (Rs 31.99 lakh) as Popular mechanics writer Andrew Moseman (who pre-booked his own Model 3) explains.

Also seen in the mail under the coming soon section of the order link is the dual motor all-wheel drive version of the Tesla Model 3, which is slated to arrive in mid-2018. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed this on his twitter account last week when he tweeted out that the dual motor go-faster version of the Model 3 would arrive in July at which time the production will be ramped up to 5000 units a week.

 Is Your Tesla Model 3 Ready To Order? Here’s Why You Should Wait!

DriveSpark's Thoughts On The Imminent Arrival of the Dual Motor Model 3

The arrival of the dual motor Model 3 in July 2018 has many EV lovers salivating in their couches and waiting with baited breath for its 0-60mph time. Considering that the regular long-range Model 3 does the sprint in 5.1seconds, expect the performance version of the dual motor setup to be a whole lot quicker off the line and have a better range as well.

So it worth waiting until July to get a dual motor Model 3? Probably, if you wish to splash the cash on a really trick Model 3. However, considering how high the prices can get, we suggest that if you really want performance, then spend some extra cash on the Model S P100D and go scare Lambos on the drag strip.

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Article Published On: Friday, April 13, 2018, 12:06 [IST]

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