Shell To Bring World’s First Flat-Pack Truck To India

Written By: Dennis James

Oil and Gas giant Shell has teamed up with Gordon Murray Design (GMD) to bring the Ox, the world’s first flat-pack truck to India. The Ox Flat Pack truck was first revealed in September 2016 in London by the British designer best known for the ballistic McLaren F1.

Shell To Bring Gordon Murray’s Ox Flat Pack Truck To India

The partnership between GMD and Shell is part of the Ox to India program with both companies working together in close alignment with the Global Vehicles Trust(GVT). GMD will re-engineer and build a bespoke version of the Ox before flat packing it to get the truck ready to ship to India by the end of the year.

Shell To Bring Gordon Murray’s Ox Flat Pack Truck To India

The Ox will exclusively run only on Shell fluids including Shell Rimula, a diesel engine oil designed to help heavy duty and light duty engines to run efficiently in demanding conditions, during its sojourn in India. The Ox will be used as part of an outreach program by Shell which will showcase the low-cost off-roading capabilities of the flat-pack truck in rural areas of the nation.

Shell To Bring Gordon Murray’s Ox Flat Pack Truck To India

The Ox, which first thought up by GVT founder Sir Torquil Norman, is based on British designer Gordon Murray's iStream process and despite its compact form can carry a payload upto 1,900kg or seat 13 people at the same time.

Shell To Bring Gordon Murray’s Ox Flat Pack Truck To India

Speaking about the Ox to India program Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President, Shell Global Commercial said, "Shell is eager to play a role alongside others in developing and promoting mobility solutions in developing regions. The OX to India demonstration will see the concept validated and discussed on the ground in a real-world setting. We know limited mobility in hard-to-reach communities in developing economies can restrict access to basic services and can limit the effectiveness of efforts to improve the quality of life. The OX has the potential to broaden access to transport possibilities and all the resulting benefits that come with this."

Shell To Bring Gordon Murray’s Ox Flat Pack Truck To India

DriveSpark's Thoughts On The Ox To India Program

The Ox's lightweight but rugged design and its capability to carry huge loads across all terrain despite being around the size of a small SUV should make it a brilliant prospect for transportation in the rugged reaches of the nation. The fact that it can carry twice the payload in terms of both goods and people than current vehicles of its size and its flat-pack design, will hopefully appeal to manufacturers when it starts showing off its capabilities as part of the Ox to India program at the end of the year.


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