Toyota's Pod Shaped Concept-i Is As Wacky As It Gets

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Toyota has unveiled the Concept-i at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The wacky Toyota concept car looks at the future of Toyota and has inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) call Yui.

Toyota Concept-i Unveiled At CES 2017

The wacky Toyota Concept-i is as crazy as a concept car can get with its pod-shaped design, scissor doors and headlights that sit underneath the paint and can wink at you.

Toyota Concept-i Unveiled At CES 2017

However, the most important feature is Yui, the built-in AI which is designed to "learn from and grow with the driver."

Yui was designed using the Twelve Principles of Animation which are a series of guidelines developed by Disney animators in the 1930s to help make motionless objects appear alive.

Toyota Concept-i Unveiled At CES 2017

Yui can be found almost everywhere in the Concept-i — It greets you at the door and warns fellow commuters on the road by using OLED panels on the front and rear bumper to relay messages.

Toyota Concept-i Unveiled At CES 2017

Inside, the Concept-i, Yui moves around from surface to surface and emotes by pulsing, stretching, shrinking or overlapping its design elements - two rings with one situated inside the other.

Toyota Concept-i Unveiled At CES 2017

The Concept-i's driver (yes, Toyota wants you to drive the car despite the autonomous features that are baked in, which can also take over the car if you're bored) and passengers interact with Yui through visual cues along with voice, eye and touch commands.

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