Study Reveals Many Passengers Do Not Wear Seat Belts

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A study done by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that a lot of people sitting in the back seat of a vehicle are not wearing seat belts.

There is a misconception among the passengers that the rear seats are safer than front seats and there is no need to wear seat belts. The study also reveals that not wearing seat belts will increase the chance of the death of the passenger as well as the driver.

Study Reveals Many Passengers Still Don’t Wear Seat Belts

The study states that when a passenger does not wear a seat belt, the chances of death of the driver doubles up. IIHS has also released a video to demonstrate the effect.

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    The demonstration is carried out using dummies, and the car crashes at a speed of 56km/h. The impact of the crash throws the passenger into the driver's seat and the driver is crushed between the steering wheel and seat.

    Study Reveals Many Passengers Still Don’t Wear Seat Belts

    IIHS Senior Research Engineer, Jessica Jermakian said, "More than 50 percent of people who die in the rear seat are unbuckled, and that number would drop dramatically if people would buckle up."

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    Safety of the driver and passengers is the priority in any vehicle. The seat belt is the most basic equipment one must wear for their safety. But it is shocking that passengers believe that the rear seats are safer without wearing seat belts. Especially, when people take cabs, we can notice that they don't bother to wear seatbelts.

    Automakers should also equip vehicles with warning systems to warn the passengers when the rear seat belts are not worn.

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