Mobil 1 — Motorsports Legacy And Its Association With Maruti Suzuki Motorsport

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Did you know that Wright brothers used ExxonMobil engine oil for their first flight? Yes, Mobil 1 has been an integral part of the automobile industry and has been continuously keeping millions of vehicles performing at their very best.

Mobil 1 has been actively involved in motorsports at all levels. The lubricant manufacturer has partnered with Porsche and Maruti Suzuki (India). It is also the official motor oil of NASCAR, Formula Drift and Sports Car Club of America.

In 2017, Mobil 1 became the official fuel supplier for Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Under the agreement, ExxonMobil will supply Red Bull Racing with leading-edge Mobil 1 lubricants and Synergy race fuels and provide engineering support to develop next-generation lubricants to improve race car engine and gearbox performance.

In India, Mobil 1 has partnered with Maruti Suzuki Motorsport and is associated with highly prestigious events, the Desert Storm, Dakshin Dare and Raid de Himalaya. Mobil 1's collaboration with Maruti Suzuki is premised on it's high-performance lubricants and technology leadership.

Mobil1 is the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand. Motorsports provide Mobil 1 the ultimate testing ground to improve the technology used in its oil and lubricants. The key performance advantage of Mobil 1 is its ability to reduce friction, thereby improving power output and reducing fuel consumption.

A quality engine oil protects your engine by preventing engine wear and enhances the life of the motor. Mobil 1 synthetic oil is uniquely designed to provide durability, optimum engine efficiency, anti-wear protection and quality.

Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil is designed to perform in any weather condition. Be it the scorching heat of the desert or cold temperatures, Mobil 1 will deliver exceptional performance. It protects your engine and also reduces fuel consumption.

With the arrival of monsoon, the road condition in India will be very bad. With wet weather, bad roads and constant gear shifts, the engine need maximum protection. But Mobil 1 motor oil will give you peace of mind and ensures your engine will run smoothly.

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The Mobil 1 engine oil has been proven and tested in the extreme conditions in various motorsport events. In India, Mobil 1 has partnered with Maruti Suzuki Motorsport and has been associated with some gruelling rallies in the country.

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