Watch Lucid Air Electric Car Hit Dizzying Top Speed; Crushes Tesla Model S Numbers

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The upcoming four-door electric vehicle (EV) Air from California-based automaker Lucid Motors previously hit a top speed of 217mph (350km/h) in April 2017. However, the car that appeared on that run had a top speed limiter as Lucid was not sure how the EV would behave at those speeds.

The Air Alpha, as Lucid refers to its prototype, returned to the Transportation Research Center, hitting a top speed of 235 mph (378km/h).

While there have been discussions about the straight line performance of electric cars, there hasn't been much talk about the top speed of these cars. Vehicles like Tesla Model S P100D boasts of impressive acceleration numbers that beat almost every other cars on the road thanks to instant torque and powerful electric motors.

However, top speeds of electric cars are yet to catch up with other luxury or performance cars. Lucid wants to change that perspective with the Air; to be a car without compromise.

After the April 217mph run, Lucid updated the air suspension's software and the front electric motors for the latest run.

The car in the video and the one which will make it to production are likely to be different. The top-speed car seems to be equipped with a full roll cage, which will limit the cabin space, which Lucid touts the Air will be spacious.

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While the final number is yet to be revealed for a production model, Lucid Motors seems to be the only standalone manufacturer to challenge Tesla.

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