Ferrari No Longer Owns The Rights For The Testarossa Name

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Ferrari has lost the rights to the 'Testarossa' name and no more holds the exclusive rights. The Italian carmaker has lost the name in a legal battle to a German toymaker.

The German toymaker, called Autec AG will use the Testarossa name for bikes and shavers.

ferrari loses rights to testarossa name

Although Ferrari used the Testarossa name for models like the 1957 250 Testa Rossa and the 1984 Testarossa, a German court ruled saying Ferrari has not used the name enough in the past 20 years. As per rules, if a name isn't protected by consistent use over the last five years, that is enough to lose the rights.

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    Ferrari, in its defence, said that it continues to maintain and repair cars by that name, but the Judge said that those activities are done under the Ferrari umbrella name. As a result, Autec AG is free to use the name without paying Ferrari any licensing fee.

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    Losing the Testarossa name could have been unexpected for Ferrari, but that was what the company has to settle with. To an auto enthusiast though, the word 'Testarossa' will relate to a Ferrari any day, and not to shavers or bikes.

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