This 2,400HP Custom Volvo Truck Is The Right Mix For Breaking World Speed Records

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Volvo will attempt a world speed record run next week with a custom-built truck, which has 2,400bhp on tap.

Powering the truck will be the standard engine from a conventional Volvo FH truck, but the engine has been pushed to its limits for its record attempt on 24 August.

President and CEO of Volvo Trucks, Claes Nilsson says,"The Iron Knight is perfect to showcase the competence and innovative power of Volvo Trucks... our aim was to generate new insights into technical and design solutions."

The engine used on the truck is a mid-mounted and heavily tuned D13 engine with a water-cooled intercooler unit and four turbochargers, producing 2,400bhp and 6,000 Nm of peak torque.

The electronics and the software have been re-programmed so that the engine can work in sync with the transmission . Volvo will use the I-Shift Dual Clutch from the FH models while the clutch is reinforced to handle the high torque.

"In order to set a world speed record, you have to have exceptional performance. The I-Shift Dual Clutch is the best possible transmission for the job since it maintains torque on the drive wheel during gear changes, just like a racing car does. Thanks to this, The Iron Knight can accelerate without losing vital time during gear changes," explains Niklas Öberg, Volvo's test engineer.

Other bespoke features will include the fibreglass cabin and large air ducts in the side to supply maximum fresh air to the engine.

The driver for the world speed record run will be Boije Ovebrink, who will attempt to break the world record in two categories; 500 and 1,000 metres from a standing start.

volvo truck world speed record

The attempt will be screened live on Volvo Truck's social media channels.

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