Indian Emission Norms Is Getting More Strict From 2020

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For the strict implementation for the BS VI emission norms, the Indian government is planning to pick up atleast 50 percent vehicle samples for testing from a particular plant from dealer's location.

The Central Motor Vehicles (11th Amendment) Rules, 2016, the Indian government has made a decision for providing emission testing agencies to start collecting data on real-time emission of on-road vehicles from 2020, and from 2023 these norms will be relevant for Conformity Of Production (COP).

"At least 50 percent of vehicle models should be produced from a particular plant and selected randomly from dealer's location or warehouse," the ministry of road transport and highways said in a notification.

"The new emission test approval and COP will be applicable from April 1, 2020, emission measurement on vehicles shall be carried out on the road for data collection and from April 1, 2023, in-service conformity factor shall be applicable," he added.

The vehicle manufacturers were opposing to the new emission norms. The government said the vehicles or the engines filled with biodiesel mix up to 7 percent shall be tested with reference diesel (B7), and vehicles fuelled with Biodiesel blends above 7 percent will be tested with respective blends.

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