Tata Kite 5: Five Reasons Why It Could Be Bigger Than The Tiago

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India was not aware of the term compact sedan until Tata Motors had launched the Indigo - the original debutant back in 2002. After fourteen years, Tata Motors is gearing up to stir the compact segment with the launch of the Tata Kite 5.

The Tata Indigo was based on the same platform as the Tata Indica, now the Tata is bringing the Kite 5 on the platform of Tata Motor's current best-selling Tiago. Here are five reasons why it could be a bigger hit than the Tiago.

Tiago's Popularity

So how does Tiago's popularity help the Kite 5 be a hit? Since it will be based on the Tiago, the Tata Kite 5 is expected to borrow heavily from Tiago's features.

The Tata Tiago has changed the whole perspective of the design language of cars from the homegrown auto manufacturer. Tata has sold nearly 40,000 units of the Tiago since its launch in April 2016 and is basking the success of the compact hatchback.

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Riding high on this popularity, the Kite 5 which is based on the Tiago is a definite winner because it's gonna take the goodies of the Tiago and add some more features to it. Since the Tiago enjoys the confidence of the customers, the Kite 5 will gain from it.


The compact sub-four-metre sedan is seen as a compromise approach to design and could end up like a half-baked cookie. Take a look at the Kite 5, Tata has ironed out the odd designs and the Kite 5 looks more of a coupe than a compact sedan built on the Tiago.

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From the glossy black roof which flows smoothly to the boot does not make it the boot like an afterthought which is seen on other compact sedans in the segment.

The integrated LED taillamps look like a Bentley finish and one might think if this is indeed a compact sub-four-metre sedan. Overall the Tata Kite 5 looks like a well-proportioned car.


Tata set the bar higher with the Tiago's infotainment system, it boasts of the Harman audio set up with eight speakers. Even cars in this segment beg for entertainment system like the Tiago which also features the Juke-Car app, which connects to 10 smartphones to stream music to the car's music system.

Tata Kite 5 will be added with the touchscreen infotainment seen in the Bolt/Zest of Tata Motors. This will be an addition compared to the feature-filled Tiago. The sound quality of the Harman system has been the talking point of the Tiago and Kite 5 will take it from there.


Tata Motors launched the Tiago with introductory pricing of Rs. 3.39 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi) and surprised the segment. For that price the Tiago came with some of the best of the premium features not seen in the segment.

Riding on the success of the Tiago, Tata Motors will position the Kite 5 with a competitive price, which makes the Kite 5 a winner. It is not the just the price, the Kite 5 has good looks, practical and beautifully designed interiors, a capable and frugal diesel engine from Tata Motors and the AMT on the diesel unit is expected as well.

Tata Motors Brand

The Tiago has brought the Tata Motors back on track like a phoenix; if I'm allowed to say that. The homegrown auto manufacturer is re-branding itself with new design language. Also, the quality and fit and finish are top notch compared to their previous models.

Tata Motors clearly understands what the Indian customers are looking for and this is evident in the Tiago model. The overall package, be it pricing, design, features, specifications and lots more has been given a promising touch from one of the oldest auto manufacturers in India.

Hence, the Tata Kite 5 will be a well thought out development from the company and will not have any stone unturned before launching the vehicle in the country.

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