Tata Motors Might Help Volkswagen Build A "Budget Car"

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Volkswagen had been trying to come up with a revolutionary budget car for a long time now. The auto giant was in a situation where the project had to be abandoned halfway.

Now, a report in the July edition of Manager Magazine says that Volkswagen's management team has approached Tata Motors seeking help to complete the project.

volkswagen and tata to develop a budget car together

The budget car will be developed specially for the markets a such as India and China. Both the manufacturers have not yet commented on how much each of them will contribute to the project, but rumours suggest that Tata Motors will be building the new car completely or partially for Volkswagen.

Once developed and launched, Volkswagen promises the car to be cheaper than the most affordable car from its fleet.

The leader for the current project will be Volkswagen's Brand Chief, Herbert Diess, while discussions on the alliance with Tata would be carried out by its Corporate Strategy Chief, Thomas Sedran.

via Manager Magazin

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